Taxes FAQ

Who collects taxes?

The Treasurer, Paul Alto.


I have a tax question, who can I contact?

Paul at (906)339-2927


When will I get my tax bill?

Summer tax bills will be received before July 1 and Winter tax bills will be received by December 1.


I didn’t get a tax bill, what do I do?

You should get your tax bill before July 1st for summer tax collection or December 1st for winter tax collection, if you have not received your bill it is possible your address is incorrect, please contact the Humboldt Township Hall at (906)339-2927 and we will help you.


When are my taxes due?

Summer Taxes are payable July 1st – September 14th without penalty.

On September 15th a 1% penalty is added.

On October 1st and the 1st of each month after an additional 1% penalty is added.

On March 1st taxes become delinquent.


Winter Taxes are payable December 1st – February 14th without penalty.

On February 15th a 3% penalty is added.

On March 1st taxes become delinquent.


When and where can I pay my taxes?

If you would like to pay at the Hall the regular hours for tax collection are Thursday from 10 am - 6 pm.

You can mail your payment to:

Humboldt Township Treasurer

244 County Road FAF

Champion, MI 49814

     If you use an automatic bill payment service please check to make sure the address you have on file matches the one above.


Are there any special requirements for written checks?

Please use only blue or black ink when writing out your check.  We have a check scanner which will not work with colored ink.


I’m moving, do you need my new address?

Yes, please, or you may not receive your tax bill.  Address changes can be mailed to the address above, emailed to, or give us a call and let us know.  We will need to know your property number, it looks something like this: 52-06-000-000-00.


My taxes are delinquent, now what?

Taxes become delinquent March 1.

Delinquent real property taxes must be paid at the Marquette County Treasurer’s office.

Delinquent personal property taxes are to be paid to the Humboldt Township Treasurer at the Township Hall.


I’m a property owner, mortgage banker or realtor and need tax information.

You may fax a request to (906)339-4431




We strive to make tax collection as easy and painless as possible, so if you have any additional questions feel free to contact us.